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(Draft OpenStack Status)
(Draft OpenStack Status)
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* Twitter: [ @markmc_]
* Twitter: [ @markmc_]
* Blog: [ here]
* Blog: [ here]
== Draft OpenStack Status ==
* OpenStack was [ approved] as a Fedora 16 Feature
* [ Diablo was released]. Nova and Glance was updated to it in F16. Swift status?
* Keystone is not part of the Diablo release, but you will still be able use Nova, Glance and Swift with a release of Keystone due very soon.
* Added [ --iscsi_helper flag] to allow tgtadm to be used on Fedora
* A [ recent RabbitMQ update] in F16 was broken and has been pulled from updates-testing
* The [ IPv6/dnsmasq issue] was fixed upstream
* Nova switched to github/gerrit. Now all projects are there. No more bzr!
* The [[Getting_started_with_OpenStack_Nova|getting started wiki page]] now has instructions for using MySQL and deploying multiple compute nodes.
* We still need [ SELinux policy for Nova].
* The Cloud SIG has [ requested the Oct 20th slot] for its Test Day.
* A bunch of bugs filed for upstream bugs tagged as diablo-backport to track that the fixes need to be cherry-picked into F16. Some of these fixes were included in openstack-nova-2011.3-3.fc16.
* Updating to SQLAlchemy 0.7.2 (which F16 uses) was [,708 proposed upstream].
* Keystone is now in Fedora.
(Feel free to add your own noteworthy items)

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