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Mark McLoughlin

Mark McLoughlin is a Red Hat developer working on various parts of Fedora's Cloud and Virtualization stacks.

Way back when, he used to hack on GNOME, but that's all long forgotten now.


Draft OpenStack Status

  • OpenStack was approved as a Fedora 16 Feature
  • Diablo was released. Nova and Glance was updated to it in F16. Swift status?
  • Keystone is not part of the Diablo release, but you will still be able use Nova, Glance and Swift with a release of Keystone due very soon.
  • Added --iscsi_helper flag to allow tgtadm to be used on Fedora
  • A recent RabbitMQ update in F16 was broken and has been pulled from updates-testing
  • The IPv6/dnsmasq issue was fixed upstream
  • Nova switched to github/gerrit. Now all projects are there. No more bzr!
  • The getting started wiki page now has instructions for using MySQL and deploying multiple compute nodes.
  • We still need SELinux policy for Nova.
  • The Cloud SIG has requested the Oct 20th slot for its Test Day.
  • A bunch of bugs filed for upstream bugs tagged as diablo-backport to track that the fixes need to be cherry-picked into F16. Some of these fixes were included in openstack-nova-2011.3-3.fc16.
  • Updating to SQLAlchemy 0.7.2 (which F16 uses) was proposed upstream.

(Feel free to add your own noteworthy items)|