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Martin Holec
[[Image:|center|250px|Martin Holec]]
Fedora Information
FAS name: martix
Fedora email:
IRC nick: Martix
IRC channels: #fedora-qa #fedora-arm
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Badges (19)
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He works as Quality Assurance Engineer at Red Hat. He runs regular Fedora Test Days - Gnome, KDE, Network Manager, Graphics Test Week, Power Management. He is studying applied informatics at Faculty of Informatics on Masaryk University in Brno. He is a founding member of Openmobility and currently Director of the Board at Openmobility. He has recently organized Openmobility, GUADEC and LinuxAlt conferences.


Test Days

Organizing various desktop related Test Days. Writing test cases, collaboration with developers, bugs verification and triage, reporting results. And of course, lot of testing and reporting bugs!

Fedora 19

Wrangler for Fedora 19 Test Days (coordinating Test Days with other organizers, managing schedule)

2013-06-04 Network Manager

2013-04-25 Radeon

2013-04-24 Nouveau

2013-04-23 Intel

2013-03-21 Gnome 3.8

2013-03-14 KDE 4.10

2013-04-17 Power Management

Fedora 18

Network Manager and FirewallD

Network Manager and DNSSEC

2012-12-10 Network Manager and IPv6

2012-11-15 KDE 4.9

2012-11-08 GNOME 3.6

2012-10-11 Power Management

2012-09-27 Intel

2012-09-26 Radeon

2012-09-25 Nouveau

Fedora 17

2012-05-17 Gnome Boxes

2012-04-10 KDE 4.8

2012-03-29 Gnome Shell Software Rendering

2012-03-15 Gnome Shell and Extensions


FreeBSD kernel integration may be revised in future