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Xfce4-logo2.png This user is a member of the Xfce SIG.

Adam John Miller

  • Location : Texas
  • O/S : Fedora (stable release)
  • E-mail : maxamillion AT fedoraproject DOT org
  • IRC : maxamillion @

About me

I've been a GNU/Linux user since Red Hat Linux 7.

I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and am currently in a graduate program in pursuit of my masters degree in Computer Science. My main goal within the Open Source community is to contribute in any way that I am able in order to enhance FOSS.

My resume.

Skill Set

I am comfortable coding in Python, Java, C, C++, bash (3.0+) and I have some experience with Ada83 but am horridly out of practice. I know some Intel-x86 and MIPS assembly but prefer to not ever code in either. I'm always dabbling in different programming languages because I find them fascinating but haven't found another language in my dabbling that I feel comfortable enough with to claim as a "skill".

I am a fedora packager, so I guess I would consider "packaging RPMs" one of my skills. Though I would like to thank all the developers involved in making the build environment because the incredible tools available really do make packaging a breeze.

Experience with debian and Fedora/RHEL/CentOS server administration (in an array of implementations) and general (desktop) use.

I have my RHCE on RHEL6. Certificate Number: 110-008-810

My Open Source Contributions

My Relation to the Fedora Project

I have found my way to Fedora after an eight year journey of using other distributions and have now made myself a home. I am currently a Fedora packager and plan to continue this for the foreseeable future. I still enjoy playing around with other distros but prefer to develop/package for Fedora as this project is the one that puts forth my own personal beliefs in software freedom as well as keeping up with wonderful quality assurance, a helpful community, inspiring innovation, and an over all solid distribution. I also am a RHEL administrator by profession which is what brought me to the Fedora project to begin with.

My Relation to debian GNU/Linux

There is a similar wiki page that belongs to me located here that is also no longer "maintained". I do still run debian on some machines as well as fedora on others. I enjoy both linux distros in their own respect and have in the past contributed to debian in various ways but will probably stop doing so in the future. I still enjoy debian in many ways but as my future takes me further into the professional market, I have become more focused on RedHat/Fedora oriented undertakings.

UPDATE: I said goodbye to my last remaining debian install, I want to leave this listing because I do still respect the project in a big way but my future is with fedora.

UPDATE: I said hello to a new Debian machine, I've re-embraced my enjoyment of different distributions for their respective technologies, innovations, and contributions to the open source world.

My Relation to Xubuntu

There is a similar wiki of mine located here that is no longer "maintained." It includes all of my relation to the Xubuntu project, I have left the project for the most part due to conflict of interest. Since the time I left the project Canonical has proven itself to have questionable motives and a lack of presence in upstream development. I have no remorse for my leaving of the project and I would like all those who feel the need to tell me I'm wrong about them to please see slides and video that will reaffirm half of my claim where as the other half can be found all over the net in random blogs and news feeds. I am amazed every time I see an Ubuntu powered machine successfully make it from POST to GDM and I feel for the Xubuntu project for having to rely on such an organization as Canonical.

I have come a recent realization that the distro wars are pointless and I'm tired of being a part of them. I use what I like and I am part of the community of my selection and I urge others to do the same.

Support & Bug Triage

  • Tech support in #fedora, #rhel, and #centos on
  • Active in bugzilla



  • Planning a Fedora 13 feature of "No MTA" for desktop users.


Plans & Goals

I hope to continue to contribute to open source as a whole by developing custom applications, patching and packaging, giving support on irc support channels, writing wiki pages and documentation, and so much more.