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Adam John Miller
Adam John Miller
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Home: Texas
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FAS-Name: maxamillion
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Adam John Miller

About me

I've been a GNU/Linux user since Red Hat Linux 7.

I have an Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science and a Masters of Science in Information Assurance and Security. My main goal within the Open Source community is to contribute in any way that I am able in order to enhance FOSS.

Skill Set

I am comfortable coding in Python, Ruby, bash shell (3.0+), POSIX sh and I know my way around Go and Node.js but not nearly well enough to claim I'm "fluent" in either. I have some experience with Ada83, Java, C, C++ but am horridly out of practice. I know some Intel-x86 and MIPS assembly but prefer to not ever code in either. I'm always dabbling in different programming languages because I find them fascinating but haven't found another language in my dabbling that I feel comfortable enough with to claim as a "skill".

I know my way around both Ansible and Puppet Config Management systems.

I am a fedora packager, so I guess I would consider "packaging RPMs" one of my skills. Though I would like to thank all the developers involved in making the build environment because the incredible tools available really do make packaging a breeze.

Experience with debian and Fedora/RHEL/CentOS server administration (in an array of implementations) and general (desktop) use.

I have my RHCE on RHEL6. Certificate Number: 110-008-810

My resume.

My Open Source Contributions

OpenShift Origin

I am currently the Release Engineer for OpenShift at Red Hat. I would love to help bring OpenShift Origin to as many users and developers within the community in any way I can, and will continue to strive towards that goal.

My Relation to the Fedora Project

I am currently a Fedora packager and plan to continue this for the foreseeable future. I still enjoy playing around with other distros but prefer to develop/package for Fedora as this project is the one that puts forth my own personal beliefs in software freedom as well as keeping up with wonderful quality assurance, a helpful community, inspiring innovation, and an over all solid distribution.

The Gnome Project

I am currently a Friend of Gnome and I encourage others to join in as well.

KDE e.V. Join the Game

I am currently a supporter of KDE e.V.'s Join the Game program and I encourage others to join in as well.

Support & Bug Triage

  • Tech support in #fedora, #rhel, and #epel on
  • Active in bugzilla




Plans & Goals

I hope to continue to contribute to open source as a whole by developing custom applications, patching and packaging, giving support on irc support channels, writing wiki pages and documentation, and so much more.