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You can find more info about me at :^)

I'm a 15-year-old guy who enjoys contributing to FOSS community. I've got a CompTIA A+ certification through a Cisco course. Anyway, I like to be self-taught. Currently I'm learning C. I'm interested on AI as well.

My rolls into the project

As a translator

  • Send translations through Transifex
  • Translate some wiki pages

As an ambassador

  • Attend and promote all local events
  • Manage the Fedora-ni social media pages

As a Freemedia sponsor

My badges (Failed to decode JSON.)

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Eduardo Mayorga Téllez


Personal Information

FAS-Name: mayorgalinux

Nicaragua - LATAM

B-day: September 21th


  • English
  • Spanish


IRC nick: mayorga

  • channels: #fedora-admin, #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-join, #fedora-latam, #fedora-l10n, #fedora-ni, #fedora-websites and more


Social media