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Mat Booth

About Me

Mat is a software engineer who works on SCADA systems by day and Fedora by night.

Email: fedora(at)


Activities Within Fedora

Package Maintenance

A comprehensive list of the packages I maintain in Fedora can be seen in the Package Database. What follows is a brief test plan for some of the packages I maintain.

  • eclipse-epic
    • Run eclipse from a terminal with -consoleLog.
    • TODO
  • eclipse-phpeclipse
    • Run eclipse from a terminal with -consoleLog.
    • Open PHP perspective, create a new PHP project and PHP file.
    • Start, stop and restart apache successfully.
    • Apache stops when eclipse is closed.
    • When running apache, right-click the editor "Show In->PHP Browser" works.
    • When running apache, right-click navigator view "Open PHP Browser" works.
    • Right-click navigator view "External PHP Parser" runs and results are in the console.
    • Win32 help preference page is removed.
    • Mouse-over PHP built-in function tooltips work.
    • Right-click a built-in function "PHP Help" option works.
    • All the "PHPEclipse Help" links work in the help contents.