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How to make Bugzilla more palatable in Firefox

Bugzilla triage extension plugin

Bugzilla Triage Addons is an installation page for a Firefox extension (requires Firefox version 3.6 or later). All Bugzappers are recommended to use this script. This extension adds additional buttons to a bug page on Bugzilla which will create a stock response to a bug.

  • NEEDINFO Reminder will not close the bug but send a reminder to the reporter that the maintainer is asking for information to resolve the bug
  • NO RESPONSE is the stock response and settings to close a bug that the reporter never gave sufficient information for
  • MARK TRIAGED will mark bug triaged according to the current rules

The buttons fill in the fields but do not submit the form, after selecting a button check the fields and click Save Changes. Not all buttons are useful for everybody, some of them are useful only to Xorg maintainers, however it is not too difficult to change buttons without changes in the script for triaging other components (author will gladly help with it).

Requests for support, enhancement of the script or bug reports about the script itself, should be directed to its author <mcepl at redhat dot com> (or mcepl on IRC). Even if you won't use additional buttons (and they are handy) it will automatically add a standard Bugzappers group signature to each comment you make in Bugzilla. This both shows that you are a member of the Bugzappers group so that reporters and maintainers understand why you are working on the bug, and promotes the work of the Bugzappers group.

Link widgets plugin

Link Widgets When browsing through bugs in a long query results, this add-on for Firefox makes Alt+[PgUp/PgDown] Firefox to jump to (following/previous) bug.