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Matthew Garrison

I am an Information Systems major and Senior at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. I am also an actively involved member in campus activities and organizations, and has done research on the topics of Ubiquitous Computing and Federal Security Standards for NJIT as well as NIST.


Location: Newark, New Jersey, USA
Email: [mgarrison AT fedoraproject DOT org] or [mrg4 AT njit DOT edu]
IRC: tardboy21 in Freenode IRC at #fedora
AIM: tardboy21


My goals in joining the Fedora Project, is to help expand knowledge of the growing functionality, ease of use, and capabilities of the Fedora Project. Although in my final year of college, I plan to spread the word about Fedora through a variety of channels including a talk/demonstration at the local ACM chapter, article in the school paper, and appropriate advertising on campus.

While my goal is always to spread the word about Fedora to everyone I know (as I use it daily on my personal laptop), I plan to have a more specific focus on not only the NJIT campus as mentioned, but also other local campuses such as Rutgers, UMDNJ, and Stephen's Institute of Technology shortly thereafter.

College students and young adults will be the next in line to shape the computing world of the future. By creating a focus on reaching as many students as possible, receptiveness is likely to be increased right-away or in the near future.

Advertising and marketing is a contact sport. The more people you contact, the more people will buy what your selling, even if all you selling is an idea.

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