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Jordi Sanfeliu

I'm an old Linux user (Linux Counter #49872). I've been administering Linux servers since 1998 with Red Hat Linux 4.2 (not RHEL ;-). Today I use CentOS Linux for servers and workstation. Sometimes I also use Fedora for workstation.

I've created (and continue developing) a daily system administrators tool called Monitorix.

  • Email: jordi at fibranet dot cat
  • IRC: you can reach me on freenode in the following channels:

- ##unix
- #monitorix
- #fiwix
- #osdev
- #centos

and some others.

  • Packages: I'm the current primary maintainer of the Monitorix package for Fedora and EPEL.
  • Other projects: I've recently released the 1.0.0 version of an i386 operating system kernel called Fiwix, written by me from scratch and completely self-hosted.