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(IT Dinosaur)
(IT Dinosaur)
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== IT Dinosaur ==
I cut my teeth on punch cards and paper tape, I knew what 'hanging chads' were before they became media fodder in an election.
I've bought PC memory in a 'tube', downloaded Slackware at 2400 baud, and once drove more than 50 miles round trip for a copy of 'Kermit' to be able start downloading files.
Met my wife, the SysOP of a BBS in 1992.
UNIX/Linux Sysadmin and user for over 29 years
Banjo Player - Making Dogs bark and babies cry for over 10 years
== Contact Info ==
== Contact Info ==
Email:  Miles.D.Oliver AT
Email:  Miles.D.Oliver AT

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Contact Info

Email: Miles.D.Oliver AT