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Features, features and features (2012-07-25) Attendees: mmaslano, mitr, t8m, jreznik

Categories of features

  • "self contained" features
  • "real features" with wide impact

Self contained features

The self contained feature could be one very isolated package or feature with limited scope for example adding group of leave packages. Enhancement of one package without impact on other package is also self contained feature.

Public announcement of the new self contained feature will help to co-operate on the feature. Feature owners can find help or usefull comments. Those features don't have to be thoroughly reviewed by FESCo, which means more time for FESCo on the second category.


  • Announce the feature on fedora-devel.
  • No docs process, only release notes advertisement.
  • Aggregated list of features will be added to FESCo agenda after a week (or more) on mailing list.
    • Formal correctness of filled feature template will be checked by Feature Wrangler.
    • If no-one was complaining about possible breakage on fedora-devel maililing list, then FESCo will ack those features without more investigation about scope etc. Every team on fedora-devel can share their view of possible problems of those features.

SIG feature with wide impact

This features are system-wide/defaults changing features. Announce Feature to fedora-devel one week before FESCo meeting review.

  • Who's actually is going to do the work?

Define Scope section more clearly

  • release engineering impact (mass rebuilds etc.)
  • mass rebuild deadline

Feature Template All sections of this template are required for review by FESCo. - only for Features to be approved by FESCo

Required: Summary, Owner, Current Status, ... TODO

Feature on track?

When to close FESCo ticket? - Approved - Finished - so owner can track the development (Feature Sheppard)