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Improving Ambassadors Mentoring Process

This is a first draft. If you got any comments feel free to contact Marcus Moeller or join the discussions on the Ambassadors mailinglist.

New Ambassadors are advised to get in contact with a mentor during the join process. Due to this fact the role of being a mentor is seen as something special by a lot of group members. We are often asked how to become a mentor (e.g. on the Mailinglist)

This proposal is meant to describe the role of mentors in the Ambassadors project and to describe how they are elected. People who are asking on how to become a mentor could be pointed there.

No need for a title

Everybody is welcome to

  • monitor the mailinglist for new Ambassadors in your region (get in contact!)
  • help new Ambassadors to get started
  • invite other Ambassadors to take part at events
  • promote Fedora in any form


describe briefly

The role of mentors in the Ambassadors project


describe why mentors are still needed if everyone could also do that job
what is special about a mentor

How mentors are elected

The normal way mentors are elected is that they are chosen by FAmSCo on demand.


link to what FAmSCo is (chosen by the community, mixed group of ppl)
describe the election criteria / how to we discover ppl that should be mentors
how do we make sure that not only friends of FAmSCo team members are elected
is there a need of limit the mentor role on a time basis? (e.g. one could only be a mentor for about one year)? 


From the decisions taken based on this draft, standard operation procedures should be generated to have a defined process for electing new mentors.