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* '''Email''': mribeirodantas at
* '''Email''': mribeirodantas at
* '''IRC''': mribeirodantas
* '''IRC''': mribeirodantas @ - #fedora-br, #fedora, #git, #rhel, #bash, #postgresql, #postregsql-it, #postgresql-br
* '''Website''': []
* '''Fedora Account''': mribeirodantas
* '''Fedora Account''': mribeirodantas

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Marcel Ribeiro Dantas

Free Software Advocate
LAIS Undergrad Researcher


I'm a Computer Engineering student at UFRN and a undergraduate researcher at LAIS, the Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Healthcare.

I'm involved with Free Software and GNU/Linux for almost a decade and have contributed with some Free Software projects along the way. I have been trying a few GNU/Linux distributions but hadn't got the feeling of completeness.

So far, it seems like Fedora is the one I've been looking for all the time.


  • Email: mribeirodantas at
  • IRC: mribeirodantas @ - #fedora-br, #fedora, #git, #rhel, #bash, #postgresql, #postregsql-it, #postgresql-br
  • Website:
  • Fedora Account: mribeirodantas

Activities within Fedora

  • None so far. But I'm looking forward to get involed (and get enough free time to get involed :)