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Activity report for Marcel Ribeiro Dantas

Date City State Activity Role Description
2013-07-03 Natal RN F19 Release Party Organizer/Ambassador Every two Wednesdays, people in my town get together in a Hackerspace meeting celebrated at a FOSS-friendly company's office (Evolux). At first sight I noticed it was the perfect opportunity to promote a Release Party for F19, which ended up being my first talk as Fedora Ambassador which proved to be a great experience.

In no way, at that time, DVDs with F19 would get here quick enough, so I decided to buy myself a package of DVDs and print the "fold-at-home sleeves" at work according to here. Everything happened in a hurry, but I managed to burn/print/fold 25 DVDs which happened to be the perfect amount of media. I had a talk named "Fedora: Run, Contribute and join the community!" and had a Fedora banner to beautify the room :)


Upcoming Events

Event City Role Comments
I ENSOL do Vale do Açu Ipanguaçu/RN (Brazil) Speaker/Ambassador Soon
I Geeknic PotiLivre Natal/RN (Brazil) Speaker/Ambassador/Organization Soon
Software Freedom Day Natal Natal/RN (Brazil) Speaker/Ambassador/Organization Soon
X Latinoware Foz do Iguaçu/Brazil Speaker/Ambassador Soon