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Django-packages without python-prefix

Name Bz.No
Django-south na
django-addons na
django-ajax-selects -- Enables editing of ForeignKey, ManyToMany and simple text fields
django-annoying -- Eliminate annoying things in the Django framework
django-authenticator -- authentication client for django
django-authopenid -- Django application to integrate Django authentication system with OpenID
django-authority -- A Django app for generic per-object permissions and custom permissions checks
django-avatar -- A reusable django application for handling user avatars
django-celery -- Django Celery Integration
django-contact-form -- An extensible contact-form application for Django
django-countries -- Provides a country field for Django models
django-dpaste -- dpaste is a code pastebin application using Django.
django-evolution -- Schema evolution for Django
django-extra-form-fields -- Some additional form fields for Django
django-filter -- A Django application for allowing users to filter queryset dynamically
django-flash -- A Django extension to provide support for Rails-like flash
django-followit -- A django app that allows users to follow django model objects
django-keyedcache -- Utilities for simplified development of cache aware objects
django-kombu -- Kombu transport using the Django database as a message store
django-mako -- Mako Templates Plugin for Django
django-mptt -- Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal
django-notification -- User notification management for the Django web framework
django-pagination -- Django pagination tools
django-picklefield -- Implementation of a pickled object field
django-piston -- A mini-framework for Django for creating RESTful APIs
django-profile -- Django pluggable user profile zone
django-profiles -- A fairly simple user-profile management application for Django
django-pylibmc -- Django cache backend using pylibmc
django-recaptcha -- A Django application for adding ReCAPTCHA to a form
django-recaptcha-works -- Integrate the reCaptcha service
django-registration -- A user-registration application for Django
django-reversion -- Django extension that provides version control capabilities
django-robots -- Robots exclusion application for Django, complementing Sitemaps
django-sct -- A collection of Django applications for building community websites
django-simple-captcha -- Django application to add captcha images to any Django form
django-sorting -- A Django application for easy sorting
django-staticfiles -- A Django app that provides helpers for serving static files
django-tables -- A Django Queryset renderer
django-tagging -- A generic tagging application for Django projects
django-tastypie -- Tastypie is an webservice API framework for Django
django-threaded-multihost -- Enable multi-site awareness in Django apps
django-threadedcomments -- A simple yet flexible threaded commenting system for Django
django-tinymce -- TinyMCE form field editor for Django applications
django-tracking -- Django site visitor tracking, including basic blacklisting
django-typepad -- A helper Django app for making TypePad applications