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The following packages currently exist in Fedora. Please note, if a package is (not) compatible with Django-1.5.

For compatibility, we have a package named python-django14 in f19 (and later).

Tracking bug:

Package Name Owner Django 1.5 compat? update request bz Note
ReviewBoard sgallagh
askbot sundaram
cobbler-web jimi
darkserver kushal
django-keyedcache sundaram deprecated
django-recaptcha lbazan should have been renamed
django-sct mrunge
django-tables poetinha still not renamed
django-typepad lbazan
Pass pass
should have been renamed
eclipse-pydev akurtakov
frepple jdetaeye
graphite-web jsteffan
openslides mrunge
pony kushal
pootle dwayne
python-coffin sundaram
python-django-addons beckerde seems upstream disappeared
python-django-admin-honeypot echevemaster
Pass pass
python-django-ajax-selects beckerde
python-django-annoying kumarpraveen
python-django-authenticator mrunge
python-django-authopenid ankursinha
python-django-authority mrunge
python-django-avatar kumarpraveen
python-django-bootstrap-toolkit mrunge
Pass pass
python-django-celery mrunge
python-django-contact-form mrunge
python-django-countries bkabrda
Fail fail
[bkabrda] I'm working with upstream to bring in support for Django 1.5 and Python 3. First pull request already sent.
python-django-dajaxice jfilak
python-django-debug-toolbar mrunge
Fail fail
[bkabrda] I'm working with upstream to bring in support for Django 1.5 and Python 3. First pull request already sent.
python-django-devserver bkabrda
python-django-dynamite lbazan
python-django-evolution sgallagh
python-django-extensions rmarko
python-django-extra-form-fields mrunge
python-django-federated-login lbazan
python-django-filter bkabrda
python-django-flash lbazan
Pass pass
python-django-followit kumarpraveen
python-django-helpdesk lbazan
python-django-horizon mrunge
Fail fail
working upstream to solve this
python-django-keyedcache bkabrda
python-django-kombu mrunge
python-django-lint mrunge
python-django-longerusername ralph
python-django-mako mrunge
python-django-mptt mrunge
python-django-nose mrunge
python-django-notification mrunge
python-django-openid-auth rmarko
python-django-openstack-auth mrunge
Pass pass
python-django-pagination mrunge
python-django-picklefield mrunge
python-django-pipeline sgallagh
Pass pass
python-django-piston mrunge
python-django-profile bkabrda
python-django-profiles mrunge
python-django-pylibmc kumarpraveen
python-django-pytest bkabrda
Pass pass
rebuilt, introduced also python3 subpackage
python-django-registration kumarpraveen
python-django-reversion mrunge
python-django-roa bkabrda
python-django-robots mrunge
python-django-select2 echevemaster
Pass pass
python-django-setuptest lbazan
python-django-simple-captcha mrunge
python-django-socialregistration sgallagh
python-django-sorting bkabrda
python-django-south beckerde
python-django-staticfiles beckerde
python-django-tables2 mrunge
python-django-tagging mrunge
python-django-tastypie bkabrda
python-django-threaded-multihost kumarpraveen
python-django-threadedcomments beckerde
python-django-tracking mrunge
python-djblets sgallagh
restauth jkaluza
transifex beckerde