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Grafana packaging (version 2.6)


build requirements:

  • go 1.5 (packaged)
  • NodeJS (packaged)
  • grunt (packaged)
  • godeps (not packaged)

Major issue is, build tries to pull down everything from the net, which is not desired on koji.

Building backend

[fedora@f23-grafana-build grafana]$ go run build.go setup
teration beta11459428203
Version: 3.0.0-beta1, Linux Version: 3.0.0, Package Iteration: beta11459428203
go get -v (download)
go get -v (download)
go get -v (download)
go install -v

building frontend


  • jquery 2.1.4
  • angular 1.5.3
  • angular-route 1.5.3
  • angular-mocks 1.5.3
  • angular-sanitize 1.5.3
  • angular-bindonce 0.3.3
  • phantomjs (vendored)