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What do we think could be improved in XFCE, both upstream and Fedora.


Component Issue Bug #/Scheduled in
thunar + tumbler + xfdesktop No thumbnails on desktop Thunar scheduled to take over desktop in 4.10, same goes for tumbler being core component
thunar Implement tabs/panels Upstream does not seem to be in favour of implementing this :(
midori keyring support Bug in Launchpad
xfce4-settings better dual head/multiple monitors setup scheduled for xfce 4.10
xfce4-settings touchpad management (tapping, scrolling, ...) ??
orage calendar should default its position to appear like an extension of the applet when started from it ??

Downstream (Fedora)

Task Owner Bug #
Improve panel layout — calendar missing, weather applet might be nice-to-have, use Places or Directory Menu? (bookmarks show only in the former), ...
Create/Find/Use same looking theme for gtk2/gtk3. People who wish to help with nodoka — either coding or design are more than welcome.