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What do we think could be improved in XFCE, both upstream and Fedora.

  • Better thumbnailing (currently things don't have autogenerated thumbnails, sometimes these can be generated by external app, no thumbnails on desktop though)
    • There is tumbler did you check if it's running on your machine?
      • Thanks for the pointer. That fixes is for supported files (thunar-thumbnailer plugin would be nice to have for other files as well). Does not fix not having thumbnails on desktop. I haven't found it in xfce kickstart, is that even installed by default?
  • Implement Tabs/Panels in Thunar
    • Afaik it was a design decision not to implement tabs in thunar. Talked to jpohlmann about this quite a while ago
  • Make default desktop prettier -- less spacing, no or almost no background in icon labels
  • Keyring support in midori
  • Time/Calendars applets are a mess -- need one that can do sensibly both.
    • Did you have a look at Orage?
  • Easier dual head (currently only cloning is supported via gui config)
  • Better pulseaudio support (even though the sound is generated through pulseaudio, we cannot easily access pa settings)
  • Ability to turn tapping on touchpad on (setting it via gnome utils does not seem to make it work under xfce)
    • That could be done via synclient, e.g. from terminal.
  • Same widget theme for GTK+2 and GTK+3 (currently does not exist)
  • Add your suggestion here...

TODO: better formulate the above points and fill out feature requests upstream or downstream (where appropriate).