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What do we think could be improved in XFCE, both upstream and Fedora.


Component Issue Bug #/Scheduled in
thunar + tumbler + xfdesktop No thumbnails on desktop Thunar scheduled to take over desktop in 4.10, same goes for tumbler being core component
thunar Implement tabs/panels Upstream does not seem to be in favour of implementing this :(
midori keyring support Bug in Launchpad
xfce4-settings better dual head/multiple monitors setup scheduled for xfce 4.10
xfce4-settings touchpad management (tapping, scrolling, ...) ??
orage calendar shows in the middle of the screen instead of bellow/above (depends in what panel you have it) orage clock applet ??

Downstream (Fedora)

Task Owner Bug #
Improve panel layout — calendar missing, weather applet might be nice-to-have, use Places or Directory Menu? (bookmarks show only in the former), ...
Create/Find/Use same looking theme for gtk2/gtk3. People who wish to help with nodoka — either coding or design are more than welcome.