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Andrea Musuruane

Hi, I'm Andrea Musuruane. I'm a 36 years old guy from Italy.

I have an university degree in Computer Science (Scienze dell'Informazione in Italian) taken at the Turin University . I work as a technical project manager consultant for internet broadband services at an international telephone operator.

I use Fedora as much as I can and I'm fond of emulation and retrogaming.


  • Fedora username: musuruan
  • Email: musuruan AT gmail DOT com
  • Google Talk IM: musuruan AT gmail DOT com
  • GPG key ID: 0x0C5A7C75
  • Languages: Italian, English.

Activities within Fedora

I maintain some packages in Fedora (listed below). I'm also a member of the Fedora Games SIG.

Packages I maintain

Packages under review

None at present.