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[[Image:F13_wallpaper.jpg | 300px]]
[[Image:F13_wallpaper.jpg | 300px]]
[[Image:Firstboot-sidebar-f13-mythcat.png| 60px]]
[[Image:Firstboot-sidebar-f13-mythcat.png| 60px]]
[[Image:F14-Concept.jpg | 400px]]
== Profile ==
== Profile ==

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Cătălin Feştilă

About Me

My name is Cătălin Feştilă. I am involved in multiple open-source projects. I like python , Blender 3D,


  • Email: catalinfest [at]
  • IRC Username: mythcat
  • IRC Alt. Username: mythcat_
  • IRC Channels: #fedora, #fedora-design
  • GPG key: Your key ID and/or signature

Activities within Fedora

Fedora Security Spin


Wallpaper Fedora 12 - (some proposals)

Fedora12wall.jpg Wall3fedora.jpg Fedora wall8.jpg Fedora wall7.jpg Fedora wall3.jpg

Wallpaper and sidebar Fedora 13 - (proposals)

F13 wallpaper.jpg Firstboot-sidebar-f13-mythcat.png F14-Concept.jpg