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Alzea Arafat

Hi... my name's Alzea arafat, also known as N4is3N. I'm Indonesian. I have been using fedora for a few years. And now active and contributing in local Fedora Community at Fedora Indonesia Distribute fedora and helping people learn linux, especially fedora. As Fedora Ambassador, sometimes i hold events to tell if fedora is very beautiful and easy to use.



help new users to learn a fedora at local community and hold fedora event to introduce it to public.

Why Fedora?

Fedora is a great distribution! fedora has taught me the meaning of freedom and beauty. My first was a passive user. then a friend introduced me to the fedora. I learned a lot with the fedora. makes me feel more appreciated by my friends. I am not a rich man can buy an operating system, so I'm trying to learn linux to show that a free operating system can do better than paying operating system.


  • Spreading fedora.
  • Teaches people to use fedora.
  • Telling people that Fedora is easy to use and beautiful.
  • develop fedora so everyone will love fedora as linux operating system.