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Thang Nguyen Nang

28th, June, 1988

Hanoi, VietNam

A Short History

I knew GNU/Linux about two years ago and Fedora was the fist Operating System that I was working on. I love working on GNU/Linux because of several reasons. Fist of all, I love "Freedom" and GNU/Linux is a "Free" OS. Secondly, GNU/Linux has a huge number of Distributions, so I can easily choose one of the best distros I like. Finally, GNU/Linux has many advantages, especially in Security.


I love GNU/Linux so much, so I want to be a FOSS Contributor. It is true that I want to be a Contributor to the Fedora Project to represent, to promote, to expand the Fedora Project and its ideals to the large FOSS community and the public at large in my country, VietNam.


In the furture, I hope that Fedora will be the best OS and there will be more and more people using Fedora in VietNam. Finally, I want to say "Thank you!" to Fedora members and Fedora community.

Kind regards,

Thang Nguyen Nang