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NeRON: Alessandro Lorenzi

Alessandro Lorenzi

Contact Data

  • Fedora Account: neron
  • PGP:4EE623E0
  • Blog: [[1]] (Italian)
  • IRC: alorenzi (usually at freenode and azzurra when time allows it)

Mini Bio

I've met the free software in 2001 with Mandrake and I continued to study it in the University.

I work in two groups for promotion: GULLP (Gruppo Utenti Liberi Lonate Pozzolo) and FSUGItalia (free software user group italia).

The mail goal of GULLP is give support for the users who start use free software, even if they don't use a free OS.

FSUGItalia is involved in a lot of initiatives such as organize events like Linux Day, software freedom day and document freedom day.


  • Location: Milan, Italy.
  • Time Zone: UTC +1
  • Languages: Italian (first language), English (as second language), French (just a bit).
  • Nationality: Italian

Fedora Contributor



FOSS Projects

VirtBox - Python web interface to libvirt that implements users administration.


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