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Alessandro Lorenzi

Hallo! I'm a student of computer science at the University of Milan. I've met the free software in 2001 with Mandrake and I continued to study it in the University.

I am in the team of FSUG Italia ("Free Software User Gruop Italia") and GULLP ("Gruppo Utenti Liberi Lonate Pozzolo" in eng Free Users Group Lonate Pozzolo)

Contact Data

  • Fedora Account: neron
  • PGP:4EE623E0
  • Blog: [[1]] (Italian)
  • IRC: alorenzi (usually at freenode and azzurra when time allows it)
  • Twitter [[2]]


  • Location: Milan, Italy.
  • Time Zone: UTC +1
  • Languages: Italian (first language), English (as second language), French (just a bit).
  • Nationality: Italian

Fedora Contributor



FOSS Projects

VirtBox - Python web interface to libvirt that implements users administration.


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