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'''About me'''
This user have left of Fedora Project.
My name is Álvaro, FAS name is netsys and IRC (Freenode) nick is netSys. Considered I am good person with who can speak about themes related, philosophy, economics, politics, informatics, and so on.
Too, I like to make a presentation and to show people any theme I want to share (ever I prepare, of course)
'''What want to be on Fedora Project?'''
Basically, I want to be a Ambassador of Fedora Project because I like this Linux distribution of all I tried. I think is very robust, fast and security that for end users is very good to take first contact with Linux.
'''How I contact with you?'''
If I am offline on IRC Freenode server, you can send me a MEMO message, I'll read it when I can. /msg memoserv send netSys <you_want_to_say> Or open a private message with /query netSys if I a connected.

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