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This user have left of Fedora Project.
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Personal Information
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* '''Name:''' Álvaro Castillo
* '''Country:''' Spain
** '''Was born:''' Jerez de la Frontera
** '''Lives:''' Lanzarote
** Spanish (native)
** American English
* [ Mail]
* [ Website]
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'''Social networks:'''
* [ Diaspora]
* [ Facebook]
* [ G+]
* [ Twitter]
* [ Youtube's Profile]
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*'''IRC:''' Freenode as '''netSys'''
** #fedora
** #fedora-ambassador
** #fedora-es
** #fedora-kde
** #fedora-latam
** #fedora-meeting
** #fedora-social
** #pcbsd
** #proyecto-fedora
* '''LINE id:''' netsys
* '''MSN:'''
* '''Skype:''' netSys0
Hi folks!
I am ambassador of Fedora Project since 2012, last year. I'm 19 years old and was started on Linux since 2007 with some Linux distribution, but always as end-user, non technically as know about all, e.g how to work fully systemd, Fedora used over some *BSD systems such as FreeBSD or OpenBSD as env compatibility
I am glad represent Fedora Linux distro, It's very fast, with good quality, stability, performance that you never dreamt! Also Fedora Project has got a big and good community that shares a lot of knowledge day-per-day writting on Fedora Project wiki, Fedora Project docs, own blogs, "third-party" forums and more!
I hope, show Fedora Project a lot of people by means of workshops, presentations, meetings, bits chats on Caffe,school's corridors, with my friends.... and more!
== Works? ==
* Fedora spanish show, download from [ here]
* Post published about Fedora such as Howto'
* Founder of [[Fedora Lanzarote]] to show Fedora on High schools, and more....
* Sponsor of LinuxCon 2012 Europe on Barcelona
== Activities within Fedora Project ==
* Ambassador (EMEA)
* Freemedia sender
* Translator (Spanish)

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This user have left of Fedora Project.