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Nick Thom
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Personal information
Location: Athens, Greece
Birthday: 1976
GPG key: D7CCB465

Fedora-specific information
FAS name: nickth
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Nick Thom


My name is Nick Thom from Greece, I'm 38 years old and I live in Athens. High school graduate, I don't have any degrees or certifications or official education at the world of Computer Science. I deal with PCs and occasionally smartphones, because I like it. It's one of my hobbies. I deal with Linux since 2010. Self taught, I like to learn new things every day. Currently, three operating systems sitting on my primary machine of use, which is a Laptop Acer Aspire 5733:

  1. Fedora
  2. Arch Linux
  3. Debian

Discovering the "real" Fedora

I discovered the real Fedora power almost recently. I knew about the distribution and the community, but until recently it was running on a virtual machine only. Since version 20 (and from the day one it was released), I have installed it on a mechanical hard drive that I have, mostly because I wanted to see the behavior of the system on a real hardware (and not on a virtual one). As I was seeing, learning and discovering the "real" Fedora, what impressed me more, was the speed and stability (as opposed on what I've heard or read about!).

Eventually, I decided to transfer the installation on my primary SSD and now is my primary Operating System.

Activities within Fedora

Ask Fedora

  • Currently participating in Ask Fedora helping users solving various problems, both on English and Greek sections.
  • I'm also a Forum moderator, helping this community driven project to work properly.

Wiki Localization

  • I translating various Wiki pages, the ones I consider most important. You can see all my work on Wiki by visiting this page

Updates Testing

  • I participate testing various packages, before they pushed on stable repository. Thereby, I'm becoming a part of the Fedora testers and Quality Assurance group. You will find my comments and karma points at Fedora's testing system.


Blog about Fedora

  • I have set up a blog dedicated to Fedora, on the area that was offered to me for free, by the Fedora Project. The articles are written in Greek language and only the titles and a brief summary is written in English. The blog can be found here.


  • I have applied to become a Fedora Ambassador on July 2014. To become an Ambassador it's a great honor for me, but also brings great responsibility.

Social Media

Contribution Commitment

Contribution commitment is a very difficult matter, when it comes to devote your time. In the past I have devoted much time contributing at various FLOSS projects/distributions (Ubuntu, Arch Linux...etc) and I continue on some of them.

Usually, I'm picking what I want to work on, and I dedicate my self there.

  • Helping users solving various problems is one of my hobbies, so It will not be difficult for me to contribute on Ask Fedora.
  • Another area I'm interesting is Wiki Localization. Most of users they know to read English, but reading an article at their own (native) language, I think is more comfortable(apart that serves the global perspective of Fedora Project).
  • Updates Testing is enabled on my Fedora box anyway. Thus, I will use the Package-x-generic-16.pngfedora-easy-karma to give feedback on bodhi and help to ensure the stability of packages.

I can do a commitment devoting 2-4 hours per week, on aforementioned contribution areas.

Participation at events, also is not a problem. As a "normal" person, I consider that physical contact is more constructive than a Web/Internet one.


You can find me on as NickTh, usually on channels: #fedora, #fedora-el and #fedora-ask (if I'm marked as being away, don't hesitate to ping me).



  • Reserved for the future

Other Contacts

You can also find me at the following social media:

Favorite phrase

Don't Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today