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* '''Alternate Email''':
* '''Alternate Email''':
* '''Dark Web Link''': http://gpk7sgvj63cnrwyv4zruk3aienghtba26wbcc6hbsyceqtyzxzqpdtqd.onion
* '''Dark Web Link''': http://gpk7sgvj63cnrwyv4zruk3aienghtba26wbcc6hbsyceqtyzxzqpdtqd.onion
* '''Business Name''': SliceSupport
== Activities In OpenSource Development ==
== Activities In OpenSource Development ==

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Nisankh Acharjya
Personal information
Location: Guwahati, Assam , India
E-mail: nisankh [at] fedoraproject [dot] org
Contact information
Fedora-specific information
FAS name: nisankh
Fedora e-mail:
Fedora homepage:
Fedora Badges earned (31)
Paranoid Panda Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora III) White Rabbit Involvement Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora I) Crypto Badger Crypto Panda Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Baby Badger Bona Fide Junior Badger (Badger I) Let Me Introduce Myself Riddle Me This Junior Tagger (Tagger I) Bloggin' it! (Planet III) Junior Editor Associate Editor Bloggin' it! (Planet II) In Search of the Bull (Tester I) Bloggin' it! (Planet I) Curious Penguin (Ask Fedora II) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build I) Origin Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build III) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build II) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build IV) Don't Call it a Comeback Associate Badger (Badger 1.5) Building the Outer Ring (Copr Build V) Senior Editor Vacation

About Nisankh:

Contributing in Fedora Project in Various platforms , An OpenSource Developer for Fedora , ROSA Linux as well as Ubuntu , Google FOSS android development . Generally Available on IRC around the clock (IRC: nisankhindia), So feel free to ping there !


Activities In OpenSource Development

Involved in Ubuntu , Fedora , ROSA Linux , Google , Android including few other OpenSource Community


  • Data Security Council Of India , Kolkata Chapter
  • Internet Organization