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Name:Nitesh Narayan Lal

I have been using Fedora from a long time and have some ideas which I am looking forward to implement with Fedora Community.

Some of my completed and ongoing works are:

  • Mobremote([[1]]) a free software (soon will be released for Linux too )
  • Chrome extension([[2]])
  • Developed and managing websites for
Mobremote website([[4]]) 
  • working on a KDE plasmoid currently.

Other Certifications and works:

  • I have done a certification of Information Security and Ethical Hacking from APPIN Technology Labs
  • I have taken many sessions on Various topics related to Linux and conducted workshops on Qt and other things for Linux Users group Manipal.
  • Managed College's Technical Fest Events

My Ideas:

  • I want that even when a new Linux users starts using Fedora then he faces least number of problems ,as any person would learn anything more easily by watching videos rather that studying text.So there must as many as possible Videos from installation to the rest setting up

must be present .I had faced quite certain problems so have many ideas of the fields for which we can make video tutorials.

  • Few other things related to Login screen modification are also in mind which if changed ,then its going to be a great experience for the end user.