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Location: [ Jamia Milia Islamia]
Location: [ Jamia Milia Islamia]
Directions to the venue :  
Directions to the venue : here is a map [ Jamia Milia Islamia]

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EVENT :Delhi Meetup

Description There are many Fedora users around NCR area, meetup is planned so that all the present contributors and users can meet and share there experiences till now .

List Of Talks

  • Fedora Community
  • How To Join Fedora Community
  • How to Contribute

Number Of Folks Expected:

Between 30-50 they can sign up below


Signup Page

Duration Of The Event:

9am to 2 Pm

Date Of Event : 21st July 2012

Place Of Event

Any place where people are comfortably work, WIFI, Power points,Power strips,Projector or Display,PA system ,AC

Location: Jamia Milia Islamia

Directions to the venue : here is a map Jamia Milia Islamia




About Fedora Community & How to Contribute :Nitesh Narayan Lal

(Feel free to add your talks)