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Linux Install Fest Manipal 2012 Linux Users Group Manipal organises Linux Install Fest every year , in the event we distribute a Linux distribution to the the new Linux users which distribution to give away is been decided by voting (which will be done soon) . During the event we introduce them to Linux and to the open source softwares which they can use as well as those forums , IRC channels etc which they can visit for help . Although we always hope that we get a bunch of really interested folks ready to try and learn new things during the event so that they can take LUG forward .

  • Number Of Days For Fedora :1 Day
  • Number Of Hours Per Day :4 Hours
  • Number Of Folks Expected :60-70
  • Venue Of The Event  :MIT Manipal , India
  • Expected Date For Event :15th October 2012
  • Schedule Of The Event :4 Days
    • Day 1
      • What is Open Source
      • What is Linux
      • Installing Linux
    • Day 2
      • Open Source Softwares
      • Useful Tools & Packages
    • Day 3
      • What is Fedora
      • How to start with Fedora(About Yum , Apper etc .)
      • How to start contributing In Fedora
      • Upcoming Fedora Video Contest(Yet have to be confirmed)
    • Day 4
      • Github