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(Cateogries can be further divided and added)

  • Installation
  • Development tools
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Office and Productivity
  • Internet applications

Members Who Are Willing To Contribute:

Progress :

How To Customize Desktop Effects using Compiz in Fedora:

How To Setup Wired Broadband Connection In Fedora Gnome 3:

How To Join Fedora Planet:

Suggestions : Videos about the Foundations of Fedora

Friends- to include pics from Fedora events worldwide. FUDcons, release events, etc


Beefy Miracle stuff


more links to pics folks, please

Colecting Videos

  • direch share
  • links

Team Tasks

  • Create Videos following the guidelines and interest of the community
  • Check that the branding is being used correctly and provide recomendations
  • Motivate people to send us their videos and link Fedora-Videos on their content
  • come up with a script for branding, such as the opening title, translations, etc
  • Check appropiated licences for media
  • video sources MUST be availables (for Fedora people and not f-people)

Video uploads

  • Youtube
  • vimeo
  • direct downloads

Video Features

  • Common comment linking to website and/or for direct theora downloads
  • Guidelines is needed to follow if we want to make them official (a simple one)
  • verification is needed to be considered official
    • once a video is official, we send them a short 3sec intro/out video section of Fedora logo
    • Videos must follow a template to make easier their translations
  • categorize videos using "join" teams

Stages to follow =

  • Create a guidelines for official videos
  • Create a guidelines for submit and publish videos
  • Categorize video sections by interests or teams