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I am a hardware and software development engineer who has been involved with product development for about thirty years. For a little over the past ten years this has been in the security industry developing embedded systems for security and security related applications.

My involvement with Linux goes all the way back to Red Hat Linux 5.1 Manhattan in 1998. For reasons lost to history I never used any of the 6.x releases, but ran every boxed release from 7.0 Guinness through to 9.0 Shrike. Then it became Fedora, and I have run every version from 1 through to Rawhide currently identifying as 37... and still counting.

Despite my long term use of Linux, it wasn't until February 2019 that I created my FAS account and started actively participating in the community. Until then the limit of my contribution had been bug reporting through Bugzilla.


I am mostly involved with Fedora and Centos Stream (and EPEL) testing.

Group memberships:

I am particularly active during beta branch phases of Fedora development to help identify issues as early as possible.


I live and work in Sydney, Australia, UTC +1000 (+1100 summer time).



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