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= '''Nelson Marques''' =
== About Me ==
My name is Nelson Marques and I'm a Marketing Management student in IPAM (Portuguese Institute for Marketing Management) in Aveiro, Portugal. In the past I've worked as a System Administrator for a local IT company and in some Research & Development projects (i.e. Linux Outdoor Kiosks). I've also packaged some software in the past for internal usage in the same organization.
My initial contact with GNU/Linux was made through SuSE 5.2 and Red Hat 5.1. I've always loved the simplicity of Red Hat, and I'm a Red Hat devout fan.
I'm a GNOME[] fanboy!
I've joined the Fedora Project to help as a contributor for the Marketing Group.
== Past ==
* I've organized the "LIP Aveiro 2001", a GNU/Linux promotion event which counted with the sponsorship of Red Hat, SuSE GmbH and local industry. We have received above 400 visitors in the 2 days of the event.
* I've translated some kernel documentation to Portuguese (PT_PT) regarding frame buffer devices.
* I've maintained PLUG (Portuguese Linux Users Group, now extinct) online Documentation for a while.
* I've supported the local community on IRC (PTnet) and leaded the #linux channel for a couple of years with Watch3r, before the downfall of PTnet.
== Present ==
Contributing to Fedora Marketing.<br>
Contributing to GNOME Marketing.<br>
Starting to sketch my degree's final project.
== Future ==
In the future I plan to finish my degree in "Marketing Management" and do a Masters in "Anthropology", and if I have the opportunity a PhD in "Neuro-Marketing".
I'm also planning to organize in 2010 a small GNU/Linux promotion event in Aveiro, segmented for IT Professionals and Students. I'm hopping to promote Fedora in this Event amongst the two audiences.
I am also considering contribution on GNU PSPP[] once I get more free time.
== Recommended Publications ==
* The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli
* The Art of War, Sun Tzu
* Behond Good and Evil, F. Nietzsche
* Marketing Management, Phillip Kotler
== Contacts ==
Email #1:<br>
Email #2:<br>
Phone: 351 96 738 0761<br>

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