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|REAL-NAME= Nelson Marques
|HOME= Aveiro, Portugal
|image= nmarques.png
|FAS-NAME= nmarques
||irc-nick= nmarques
|irc-channels=#fedora-pt #fedora-mktg
= '''Nelson Marques''' =
My name is Nelson and I'm Portuguese. I'm a Linux enthusiast and I joined Fedora Marketing Team, where I've been learning lots of things in several fields. At a later stage I've joined the trans_PT team to help providing better contents in my native language, Portuguese (by localization pt_PT).
== Marketing ==
[ Project Fedora] [ Marketing Team] is like having a first row ticket into something wonderful, the Fedora Community. Far from being a traditional knife cutting marketing department, it's a sane world where people coexist peacefully and help creating something wonderful, Fedora Linux.
Nothing in academical or theoretical therms can prepare you for such an exciting adventure.
By the way, we do real work!
=== Completed ===
* [ NetworkManager in Fedora 13]
* [ Color Meanings through the eyes of a Marketeer]
=== Unfinished ===
* [ Communication Matrix]
* [ Fedora SWOT]
== trans_PT ==
== contacts and whereabouts ==
* e-mail:
* phone: email me first.
* fedora people:
* jabber:

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