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The following table helps track the status of System wide crypto policies deployment within Fedora. The current deployment is restricted on SSL/TLS libraries, but the greater idea is to extend them to all applications which involve crypto. If you believe some existing crypto subsystem can benefit of them, contact me or open an issue in [1] for it.

Functionality Software involved Tracker bugs Planned for Status
SSL/TLS gnutls F21 Full policy support in F21.
openssl F21 Partial policy support (ciphersuites only) using custom patch in F21.

There is Upstream bug for incorporation. More complete support planned possibly with a downstream-only approach as upstream does not welcome such changes.

NSS F25 Full policy support in F25.
Java F25 In progress
SSH client openssh F25 Client side completed
SSH server openssh F27 Server side in progress
Kerberos krb5 F24 Completed
DNSSEC BIND F23 Completed