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Nuno Rodrigues
Nuno Rodrigues
Personal Information
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Home: Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Azores (Portugal)
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: nunor5
Miscellaneous Information
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IRC: nunor5 on in
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Who am I?

Well, I can describe myself as an enthusiast of everything that has to do with technology and a little more. So, I’m always seeing ways to extract my taste for that matter. I'm a portuguese fedora user and I live in Ponta Delgada (Azores). I am currently studying computer engineering to follow something that I really enjoy.

My web projects

I have a personal blog that talks about many subjects including Fedora. Later, I will launch some projects with the objective of providing interesting information for people.

Chats I frequent in IRC

Right now, I'm not attending any of IRC chat, because in Portugal this kind of chat is not widely used. I am now thinking about attending the Fedora IRC to help others who may need my help. My nickname on IRC is nunor5(In all of the Fedora IRC chats).

What I do to Fedora?

I think Fedora is a Linux distribution with potential for users around the world, so I use it for my daily work. That's why I love to represent the Fedora operating system in the Azores islands. I want to be someone who is connected technologies, contribute to the technologies and also to help in improvements in each version of Fedora. If you receive any request for help, receive it with pleasure. Just ask me.


If you need my help, contact me by mail: . I can talk with you in 2 languages: Portuguese and English. I am sure I will be available to help you, even if you are near from me or anywhere in the world.