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Carlos Vassalo

Personal informations

  • 38 years old
  • Chennevières sur Marne - France
  • Network administrator - Paris

Contact me

  • Mail : Carlos Vassalo
  • IRC : opossum1er on #fedora-fr and #fedora-paris

About me

I am a fedora Ambassador

My first linux (1997) was a Slackware 3.3 and RedHat 4.2 (Vanderbilt). I used it up to 9 (Shrike). Afterwards, I worked with various distros like SuSE, debian and similars, distros based on RedHat like Mandrake/Mandriva and finally LFS. When Fedora Core 1 was released, I tried it and I felt I had found "the" distro.

Since beginning of 2007, I provide support on fedora-fr and I participate on various events like IP, etc...

This year, I participated with few other members of fedora-fr on the fundation of one user's group : fedora | Paris. The issue of this group is essentially permit to the fedoristas of the region of Paris meet other fedoristas and have diner, every two weeks.

About fedora Paris
Everybody can participate. Please, contact us on IRC #fedora-paris