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|REAL-NAME= James [Smittix] Smith
|REAL-NAME= James Smith
|HOME= Nottinghamshire<br/>United Kingdom
|HOME= Derbyshire<br/>United Kingdom
|FAS-NAME= smittix
|FAS-NAME= osiris2600
||irc-nick= smittix
||irc-nick= osiris2600
|irc-channels=#fedora-uk #fedora

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James Smith
[[Image:|thumb|center|James Smith]]
Personal Information
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Home: Derbyshire
United Kingdom
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: osiris2600
Miscellaneous Information
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IRC: osiris2600 on in
#fedora-uk #fedora
Badges (6)
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James Smith

General Info

  • I currently work for one of the Largest Health Food Distributors in the country as their IT Manager
  • Longtime Linux user and fan, despite using various flavors of Linux I always stick by my first love which is Fedora.
  • If you need anything contact me I am always happy to help.


  • Mobile: Please request via E-Mail
  • GTalk: smittix64 [AT]
  • Twitter: smittixuk
  • IRC: #fedora-uk - [I'm Smittix]

Current Projects

I am currently creating a new website for Fedora-UK. Working along side my Mentor Paul Mellors.

What Have I Done So Far?

I usually help out on various IRC Channels including #fedora and #fedora-uk on the Freenode network. Currently in the process of building a Fedora UK community with other Ambassadors. Including our own community website and forum.

Forum: Facebook: Google +:

You can also find my newly created blog over at

Future Goals

After using Fedora for many years I have decided I would like to give something back to the Project and Community.