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Parag Nemade

Email:- [[MailTo(paragn AT]

IRCName:- paragn Hang out in #fedora, #fedora-devel

About My Work:

Packages in Fedora :-

* As part of my official job 
* As part of my own interest

About My Package Reviewing Work:

So as part of Adding packages to Fedora, currently I am doing reviews of other's Fedora Packages.

My Contribution to WiKi Pages:

  • PackagingNotes --> This page describes Notes that i made while packaging tarballs.
  • Lohit --> This page is about Lohit Fonts Project.

Project Contributions

  • iok --> Indic Onscreen Keyboard.
  • wordxtr --> Creating dictionary of words for a given language text.
  • inscript2 --> Enhanced Inscript keymaps draft implementation.
  • iok2 --> Indic Onscreen Keyboard based on Inscript2 draft implementation.