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Patrick Stein:

Name: Patrick Stein
Email address:
Home Phone: (936)333-8579
IRC: PatStein

About Me:

I am 23 years old, and I live in Houston Texas. I currently am attending the University of Houston; Bachelors in Computing Science.

In the Linux/GNU world I have been active for almost 6 years now, When I was a teen I received my first computer. It was a custom built machine that I made, It didn't have any special bells or whistles. I couldn't afford a copy of Windows XP at the time so I went in search of a free alternative: I found Linux. I started out with Debian, and stayed with that for about a year. I then moved to Ubuntu, and stuck with that for a while till I bought a netbook and started to work with Crunchbang Linux which I stayed with till about a year ago when I switched full time to Fedora.

A+ Certified CIW Web Foundations Certified

I plan on getting LPIC +1 soon(next 4-6 months)

Activities within Fedora:

I am a fedora ambassador.

I promote Fedora where ever I can, at work, to friends. I have a passion for working with Linux, I try to bring this passion with me where ever I go.