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|REAL-NAME= Paulo S. Klaus
|Birthday= September 22, 1980
|Birthplace= Chapeco, Brazil
|HOME= Chapeco, Brazil
|FAS-NAME= pauloklaus
|pmail= []
|irc-nick= pauloklaus
|Twitter= pauloklaus
= Paulo S. Klaus =
= Paulo S. Klaus =

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Paulo S. Klaus

About me

Information Systems Barchelor Universidade do Contestado.
Graduate in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Universidade do Contestado.
Working with systems and open source solutions as a consultant.


  • Linux Server Administration
  • Shell Script, C, Python


  • ESR/RNP – Gerência de Redes de Computadores


  • Security
  • Operational System
  • Network Administration Tools

Fedora Projects Involved