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彭嘉佑/Charles Peng

个人介绍 / Personal Introduction

来自中国大陆,略懂英文,现从事外贸方面的工作,业余时间以在笔记本上折腾 Fedora 为乐,以自己使用 GNU/Linux 为傲。接触和使用 Fedora 半年,属于刚刚出道的 Linux 小菜鸟。被 Fedora 的折服,将致力于推广 Fedora 和 Linux 在中国的普及。

I'm from Chinese Mainland, know a little English and now doing a job as foreign trade salesman, I spend my spare time to learn Fedora installed in my laptop, and am proud as a Fedora user. I knew and begun to use Fedora half an year ago, and just a Linux newbie, but I was suprised Fedora is so easy to use, and will apply my energy to promote Fedora and Linux in China.

联系方式/Contact Information

  • E-mail/Google Talk: (please change "#" to "@")
  • Fedora账号/Fedora Account: pengjiayou
  • GPG公匙/GPG Key: 8E56B797

活动与目标 / Activities within Fedora

活动与目标 / Activities within Fedora

  • 将尝试翻译 Fedora 新闻介绍给大家
  • Try to translate latest Fedora news to others
  • Created & Manage Fedora Chinese Blog Union
  • 完善 Fedora 中文 wiki 页面
  • Try to improve Fedora Chinese wiki pages

Fedora 推广 / Fedora Promotion

  • 论坛: 在国内的 Linux 论坛中尽己所能回答各 Fedora 新手的问题。
  • BBS: I will try my best to answer all Fedora newbies' question in Linux BBSes.