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== Uncategorized ==
== Uncategorized ==
* [[User:Peter/FUSE|FUSE in Fedora]]
* [[User:Peter/RF Task List|RF Task List]]
* [[User:Peter/RF Task List|RF Task List]]
* [[User:Peter/Wishlist|Wishlist and interesting apps]]
* [[User:Peter/Wishlist|Wishlist and interesting apps]]

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Peter Lemenkov

Contact info

  • Email:
  • Jabber:

Если вы хотите включить в Fedora/EPEL нужное вам приложение, и не знаете с чего начать, то можете связаться с участниками проекта Fedora, (говорящими по-русски, между прочим! :)), в xmpp-конференции

About me

I'm a programmer at Moscow-based software and telco company. Also I've got a page at Fedorapeople with some Fedora-related stuff.

About my beasts

My personal toys:

  • Moya - Western Digital MyBook World Edition (ARM926)
  • Sulaco - Mac Mini G4 (PowerPC)
  • Nostromo - noname PC (x86 distro at x86_64 machine)
  • Workplace - noname PC (x86)

My working playground:

  • Lux - noname x86
  • Test2 - IBM x86_64
  • Test4 - IBM x86_64
  • Test5 - Depo (small russian vendor) x86_64
  • Prod2 - IBM x86_64
  • Prod4 - IBM x86_64
  • Prod8 - Depo (small russian vendor) x86_64

Packages currently maintained in Fedora

Participation in Special Interest Groups

Packages currently cooking