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* [[SIGs/Erlang|  Erlang]]  
* [[SIGs/Erlang|  Erlang]]  
* [[SIGs/ppc|  PPC/PPC64]]  
* [[SIGs/ppc|  PPC/PPC64]]  
* [[SIGs/FirmWare|  Firmware]]  
* [[Firmware]]  
* [[SIGs/Embedded|  Embedded development]]  
* [[SIGs/Embedded|  Embedded development]]  
* [[SIGs/Haskell|  Haskell]]  
* [[SIGs/Haskell|  Haskell]]  

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Peter Lemenkov

Contact info

  • Email:
  • Jabber:

About me

I'm a programmer at Moscow-based software and telco company. Also I've got a page at Fedorapeople with some Fedora-related stuff.

Packages currently maintained in Fedora

Participation in Special Interest Groups

Packages currently cooking

  • erlsom - Support for XML Schema in Erlang
  • sippy - B2BUA SIP call controlling component

My Wishlist and interesting apps

  • CDRTool - A set of utilities for working with call detail records
  • Mac-on-Linux - virtualization solution for PowerPC
  • MapGuide - web-based platform for developing and deployment web mapping applications and geospatial web services.
  • Mediaproxy - far-end NAT traversal solution for SER/OpenSER.
  • Mercury - new logic/functional programming language.
  • MLDonkey - the Open Source eDonkey client.
  • Mule - Enterprise Service Bus and integration platform.
  • Nial - Nested Interactive Array Language.
  • OpenSBC - hybrid SIP proxy and B2BUA.
  • OpenSIPStack - implementation of the Session Initiation Protocol.
  • Openwengo - SIP softphone with lot of advanced features.
  • OpenXCAP - open source, easy extensible, fully featured XCAP server with TLS security and support for multiple realms.
  • RabbitMQ - implementation of AMQP, the emerging standard for high performance enterprise messaging.
  • SEMS - SIP express media server.
  • VirtualBox - Free Virtual Machine suite from InnoTek (for SPEC/SRPM contact TillMaas)
  • Yxa - transaction stateful SIP stack and a set of SIP server applications.