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Hello, I'm Paul W. Frields -- welcome to my Fedora Project page.

I work on the following bits and pieces of Fedora:

I also help drive the Fredericksburg (VA) Linux Users Group (FredLUG), which meets twice monthly in my hometown.

I was a founding member of the Fedora Project Board , and served the community there from April 2006 to July 2007.

How to Contact Me

Email: [[MailTo(stickster AT DESPAMINATE gmail DOT com)] - GPG Public Key

You can often find me on Freenode IRC at #fedora-docs (username: stickster), but your best bet is always email.

Active Documents

Drafts and Downloads

These documents appear on the Fedora documentation Web site and in Docs CVS . I have done authorial or editorial work on the following documents:

In the past, I've also worked on these (now obsolete) documents:

Package Maintenance

I maintain or co-maintain the following packages in the Fedora package collection :

  • blogtk
  • drivel
  • fedora-release-notes
  • nautilus-open-terminal
  • nautilus-sendto
  • perl-PatchReader
  • xmldiff (This is the Logilab Python version.)
  • xmlstarlet

I no longer maintain the following Extras packages:

  • gnome-sudoku - moved into gnome-games

Obsolete Documents

These are deprecated because of changes over time to Fedora Core. Currently these still appear in CVS, but may eventually become wistful memories.

Web Publishing to

This subject is now covered in the Documentation Guide .

Self Introduction

Name: Paul W. Frields

Location: Fredericksburg, VA - USA

Profession: Engineer

Company: Red Hat, Inc.


As the FPL

  • Oversee the entire Fedora Project -- if it's in Fedora, ultimately I'm accountable for it.
  • Work with the Fedora Program Manager (JohnPoelstra), Fedora Engineering Manager (TomCallaway), and the CommunityArchitecture team to make sure that Fedora is making constant, substantial progress in its mission to advance free and open source software.
  • Chair the Fedora Project Board , and ensure that the Board is effectively advising and guiding the Fedora Project where needed.
  • Be an effective bridge between the external volunteer contributor base and the contributor community inside Red Hat, such as RHEL engineers.
  • Lower contributor barriers to the absolute minimum, and encourage others to get involved in FOSS through Fedora.

As a Contributor

  • Provide top-tier quality documentation for Fedora products.
  • Provide the odd low-maintenance package such as non-critical add-ons, where my programming skill (or lack thereof) is not a limiting factor.
  • Strive to provide a good example of dealing with other people in a constructive, friendly way at all times.

Historical Qualifications

  • The Fedora Project was my first work as an open-source contributor.
  • I have used Linux since 1997, Red Hat Linux 4.1 (Vanderbilt), and have used every Red Hat and Fedora distribution since. I am comfortable with most aspects of system administration, and fellow sysadmins in my previous jobs often came to me with questions. On the other hand, through working in Fedora I've met truly gifted sysadmins who make my work look pretty shoddy by comparison.
  • I have taught Linux to literally thousands of seminar attendees and classroom students (working professionals, mainly) using these products.
  • I work on the Fedora Documentation Project, and they seem to trust me.

Skill Areas

HIGH: bash, GNU make, DocBook, RHCE, communication skills (writing, teaching, public speaking)

GPG Information

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