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This page is outdated and is only retained for historical reference
This page was where PWF intended Fedora Engineering to act more like CommunityArchitecture, but it didn't get traction.

Fedora Engineering FY09 (2008-03-01 -- 2009-02-28)

This is a draft. Depending on budget that we actually get, all of this might change, possibly significantly.

For things being considered by Red Hat's Marketing team, see .

<bgcolor="#eeeff1" :>Goal <bgcolor="#eeeff1" :>Responsibilities <bgcolor="#eeeff1" :>$$ <bgcolor="#eeeff1" :>Owner <bgcolor="#eeeff1" :>Metrics
Maintain community presence SCALE6X $2K Spot Ever-increasing production & attendance
FOSDEM $2K Spot Ever-increasing production & attendance
PyCon $2K Spot, Luke Ever-increasing production & attendance
LinuxTag $3K Paul Ever-increasing production & attendance
OSCON $2K Paul Ever-increasing production & attendance
OLS $3K Spot Ever-increasing production & attendance
Ohio Linux Fest $4K Paul, Spot Ever-increasing production & attendance
LinuxFest NW $2K Paul Ever-increasing production & attendance
FUDCon F11 $35K Paul, Spot Ever-increasing production & attendance
Lower contributor barriers Roll out MyFedora $??K Luke, Mike Does it exist?
FAS2 $??K McGrath Does it exist?
Fedora Asterisk $?? Mike Does it exist?
Programmatic improvements Internships $??K Spot, Jesse TBA per slot
Planning and sponsor development FPL misc. travel $15K Paul Metrics per trip + after-action report
Eng. misc. travel $30K Spot et al. Metrics per trip + after-action report

Things to consider:

  • Engineering travel budget. The Marketing side of the world will handle swag and community travel, but Red Hat Engineering needs to make a strong case for its own Fedora-related travel budget this year.
  • (1) ensure Eng/tech rep attendance at each conference on Max's plate
  • (2) provide Eng presence at smaller conferences, securing discs, booth equipment, etc. as/if needed
  • (3) Funding for FPL and FEM to travel as needed to other RH offices for planning and internal evangelism, as well as to meet emerging Fedora corporate sponsors
  • Infrastructure. Mike has already submitted a budget to Lee Congdon, but it doesn't hurt to ask for things here too. Doing this asking before February makes it *highly likely* that someone will say yes.
  • Mike has given us this list. Take his priority items and add them to our list.
  • Engineering Interns. It costs approx. $9k per full-time intern for a 3 month summer.
  • Pending Spot finding out what we've done in the past -- we should try and secure at least 2 paid slots. We can find additional needs as well, prioritize them, and decide what's worth paying for. For candidate selection, we can do a mini-vetting process and from that figure out who we want to pay, and offer free slots to any remaining candidates that we want. How to advertise or offer?

Some ideas:

GOAL: Fedora Project has its own set of books, with various cost centers to choose from.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Organize a meeting with players from multiple parts of finance. Give finance a list of requirements and goals, and let them tell us the best way to implement.

$$: n/a

OWNER: Paul is ultimately accountable, with Max doing much of the work and Spot assisting.

METRICS: How much money was spent on Fedora in FY09? By department?

GOAL: Roll out the MyFedora project


$$: n/a -- Some sort of prediction for hardware cost. (PWF: MikeMcGrath tells us this is subsumed in the current and planned hardware and no additional hardware is required.)


METRICS: Does it exist?

GOAL: Grow the number of active contributors. (Should we set a definitive number, like 25% more?)


  • Docs Project - Guide
  • Marketing - Roadshows

$$: ???

OWNER: Paul should be doing evangelism work through multiple channels in coordination with Community Development team, pushing progress on the supporting docs, and tracking the progression of (and pushing) multiple barrier entry-lowering initiatives. Someone on Spot's team is responsible for completion of the desktop app/integration work.


  • Has the number increased by the expected amount?
  • Does the Guide exist?
  • Does the JoinBuddy exist?

GOAL: By F10, provide app that lets contributors enter project at first login.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Fedora Engineering - app development

$$: -

OWNER: Paul evangelizes idea to Fedora dev team and tracks progress.

METRICS: Does the app exist?

GOAL: Conduct regularly-scheduled Fedora Board "town hall" style meetings using FOSS VoIP technologies.


  • McGrath - Provide Asterisk facilities and mine community for skills to set up a system that allows queuing of calls for Q&A
  • Docs - Provide a concise, easy guide for Project members to set up and dial in
  • Paul & Marketing - Prepare talking points in advance as a kickoff/focus

$$: ??

  • Hardware for Asterisk? Will this fit on our current requests?
  • Do we need consulting services for this, or can we find community support pronto?

OWNER: Paul ultimately responsible.

METRICS: Are we conducting these meetings?

Q1 budget:

Q2 budget:

Q3 budget:

Q4 budget:

TOTAL for FY09: